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The Cloud Industry Forum plays a prominent role within the cloud ecosystem. We bring together end users and some of the UK’s leading cloud service providers through our proprietary research programmes and a comprehensive event programme.

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Members of the Cloud Industry Forum benefit from a range of networking and the opportunity to participate in our thought leadership programme.

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In this new paper, we have underlined the integral role that cloud continues to play in the ongoing transformation of business.

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December 6 2022

OVH Cloud Virtual Brewtanix

Join us for a Virtual Brewtanix aimed at giving you the opportunity to network with Nutanix and OVH Cloud in an informal online setting to learn about what the impact of the energy crisis will be on the cost base of IT Infrastructure.
December 13 2022

How Disruptive Cloud Technologies are Shaping the Future of Business

Cloud computing is quickly evolving from technology enabler to business disruptor.

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Better budgeting and improved intelligence from cloud physical security

November 4, 2022

Latest News

How to Implement a Successful Cloud Strategy to capitalise the Google Cloud Platform 

November 2, 2022

SoftwareONE, a member of the Cloud Industry Forum has written a blog about how to implement a successful cloud strategy with the google cloud platform and discusses how the cloud allows you to scale to a level of computing, networking and storage that you could not otherwise achieve and why it’s important to design your cloud solution with high availability, security and governance. Read more here:

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Thinking of Modernizing on Azure? 5 Things for CIOs to Consider

November 2, 2022

SoftwareONE, a member of the Cloud Industry Forum has written a blog which answers the main questions associated with successfully moving your organisation to the cloud. These include which technologies are you comfortable with and what are your development and service needs? Read more here……

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