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London | April 20 2023, 5PM

We’re debunking myths, discussing the realities of cloud adoption and exploring when the term cloud, became so clouded. Got a cloud confession? Take a seat and let’s talk.

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6-7 March 2024 EXCEL. LONDON

The Cloud Industry Forum plays a prominent role within the cloud ecosystem. We bring together end users and some of the UK’s leading cloud software, platform, infrastructure, and service providers through our proprietary research programmes and a comprehensive event programme.

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This new paper proves how cloud is instrumental in helping businesses manage tough economic climates while continuing to evolve and innovate.

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November 6 2023

Tech Wave Forum

Introducing "Cloud Industry Forum presents TWF!" - a weekly live-streamed news and interview show on our LinkedIn channel. Join us every Monday at 10am for up-to-the-minute news on cloud computing, followed by insightful interviews with renowned industry thought leaders.
November 14 2023

Is Public Cloud the Best Option?

With forecasting that public cloud revenues will jump 26%YoY, it’s time to ask: in 2023, is public cloud the best direction for every business scenario?
December 12 2023

Bridging the Gap: New Considerations for Multi-Cloud IT Infrastructure

With multi-cloud, it’s imperative that businesses have an IT infrastructure in place that doesn’t break the bank, cause unnecessary complexity and stress and that meets business goals. It can be tough, though, to picture what this looks like in reality.

webinar: 16 April, 4pM

Digital Transformation in Action: 50th Episode Special!

It’s the 50th episode of Digital Transformation in Action, and David Terrar and guests are predicting where cloud may take us next and what it could look like when the 100th episode rolls around.

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Protecting Artificial Intelligence (AI) Models: The Role of Software Escrow

April 8, 2024

Latest News

Wolters Kluwer launches CCH iFirm® tax and accounting cloud platform in the U.K.

March 13, 2024

Latest News

What are the Release Events and Clauses in Software Escrow Agreements?

March 7, 2024

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Our host and CIF CEO David Terrar interviewed Lenovo’s AI lead Emily Barrett about her definition of AI, some AI history, her take on how GenAI has democratised the topic, the kind of use cases she’s seeing, what excites her about what’s coming next, as well as her own, unmissable, AI show produced by Disruptive LIVE (which we highly recommend).
For episode 10 of the 2024 season of our weekly show, TWF! (Tech Wave Forum), we are talking about the metaverse. Our host and CIF CEO David Terrar sets the scene with his perspective on why this immersive technology is important, and then he interviews Dr Joshua Stanton of Disruptive Live explaining their open standards, portable, browser based approach with new platform Spaces Metaverse. Josh explains the thinking, and shows practical use cases.
We talk to someone who has been in the UK CIO 100, and the UK’s Top 50 most influential women in IT. Our host and CIF CEO David Terrar interviewed Georgina Owens, the CTO of William Hill. She explains how she is digitally transforming a well known, 90 year old brand on the UK High Street. We find out about her approach to that transformation, and she’s given us great ideas about how you future proof your organisation.

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TWF! Tech Wave Forum

A weekly live-streamed interview show about cloud technology, transformation, and what’s coming next, with renowned industry thought leaders.

Digital Transformation in Action

In this live webinar series, along with industry experts, we explore the complexities and outcomes of digitalisation and what they mean for your business.

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We analyse cloud industry market trends and services. These insights are included in our renowned Cloud Industry Reports.