Cloud Anonymous

Calling all cloud architects! In partnership with Dark Matter, we are hosting Cloud Anonymous in London on Thursday 20th April. This event brings together cloud architects, engineers and technologists to tackle topics such as reliance on suppliers, data sovereignty, sustainability and more.

With the aim to make this a ‘bullsh*t-free’ zone, Dark Matter are debunking myths, discussing the realities of cloud adoption and exploring when the term cloud, became so clouded.

The first event was a huge success and attendees certainly brought the honest and enlightening cloud chat!  

Register now to secure your seat in London at Cloud Anonymous on Thursday 20th April from 5pm – 8pm to network with your peers and get a first look at the latest Cloud Industry Forum research study.

Amazing speakers, check. Pizza, check. Beers, check. AND a place to air your cloud woes. What more could you want?

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