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TWF! with guest Erika Jacobi, Ph.D.

In this episode, our host and CIF CEO David Terrar interviews Erika Jacobi, Ph.D. Founder, President, and Managing Director of LC GLOBAL Consulting Inc., beaming in to us from New York. She’s both an entrepreneur and a recognised expert in adaptive organisation design. She explains the experiences which led her to the topic, what it is, why it’s important, and how AI changes things.


TWF! with guest Nigel Kilpatrick

In this episode, we will mention technology, but we’ll be focusing on a different kind of leadership and different approach to engagement of your teams. Our host and CIF CEO David Terrar interviews Nigel Kilpatrick live in our mixed reality studio. His company’s website opens with the bold headline “Compassion is our best Human Resource, so let’s use it!”. Nigel will talk about compassionate leadership, and the difference between empathy and compassion.


TWF! with guests Dean and Sarah-Jane Gratton

For this episode of TWF!, we are talking about the technology topic that will, possibly, make the most significant and fundamental changes to both our business and personal lives since the dawn of the Internet. Our host and CIF CEO David Terrar interviews Dean Anthony Gratton and Sarah-Jane Gratton, well known tech influencers who have just published their book Playing God with Artificial Intelligence. I’m guessing it will be both controversial, and illuminating.


TWF! with David Terrar

For episode 16 of the 2024 season of our weekly show, TWF! (Tech Wave Forum), we focused on the primary research from Cloud Industry Forum (published 13th May). This is our annual “state of the cloud” report. This year it’s called “Tough times, but innovation springs internal” with the subtitle of “How cloud is the key technology enabler helping businesses innovate in a turbulent period”. Instead of the usual interview, our host and CIF CEO David Terrar summarises the report and its themes, which highlight cloud’s ubiquity, the amazing rate of adoption of GenAI, and the importance of cloud supporting this new era.


TWF! with guest Jay Patel

For episode 15 of the 2024 season of our weekly show, TWF! (Tech Wave Forum), we are getting the Cloud customer perspective. We’ve talked to someone with in depth experience of enterprise level public cloud adoption and management, from his time at some major well-known brands. Our host and CIF CEO David Terrar interviewed Jay Patel, Head of Public Clouds at Citi, and before that Senior Engineering Manager at Maersk. We’ll be understanding his strategy with cloud, how he selects suppliers, how important people and process is over technology, and getting his 2.0 approach to digital transformation.


TWF! with guest Fanny Bouton

In this episode, we talk to one of our Forum members about an emerging technology that has profound and enormous potential, but needs some explanation to make sense of it. Our host and CIF CEO David Terrar interviews Fanny Bouton, OVHcloud’s Quantum Lead. She explains what Quantum Computing is, how it can be applicable to almost any sector, and how it can calculate answers beyond the capability of classical high performance computers.

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