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TWF! with guest Hutton Henry on technology due diligence

Hutton talks about technology due diligence, his back story, and how he’s built up his expertise and approach. We also asked him about how he assesses a businesses, what he thinks about the impact of AI, and his viewpoint on what makes a successful tech company.


TWF! with guest Harry Berg on AI and turning graduates into entrepreneurs

We talk about both the tech startup scene, and the explosion in AI technology we are all experiencing, with somebody who connects the two. We interview Harry Berg, who has already exited two startups, and started his third a few months ago. His new venture Parapet turns global Ivy League graduates into technical founders. We get his view on where AI is headed next, and find out more about his community of graduate entrepreneurs.


TWF! with guest Sue Black OBE on saving Bletchley Park and AI bias

We interview Professor Sue Black OBE about some of her history, how she saved Bletchley Park, how she got in to software engineering, her role as a technology evangelist, her research on bias in AI, and she has plenty to say about equality, diversity, and inclusion in our space.


TWF! with guest Dr. Ems Lord

We come at technology from the perspective of mathematics and interview Dr. Ems Lord, Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge, and Director of NRICH, the award-winning mathematics outreach programme.  As well as explaining what NRICH does, we talk about the importance of number sense, problem solving, thinking skills, AI, and women in tech and STEM subjects.


TWF! with guest Andrew Grill on GenAI, mixed reality, quantum computing, 5G and edge computing

We interview Andrew Grill who is a former IBM Managing Partner, an in demand keynote speaker, a TEDx presenter, and a technology advisor to major corporations. Andrew is the Actionable Futurist®, so as well as getting his take on how GenAI, mixed reality, quantum computing, 5G, and edge computing will develop, he gives five actions to try straight away to help change your thinking.


TWF! 19 2023 in review and tech trends to watch in 2024

Host and CIF CEO David Terrar explains why 2023 has been a pivotal year and the start of a new tech wave. He reviews 2023’s season of shows, and shares his 7 tech trends to watch for 2024.

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