Digital Transformation in Action

Digital Transformation in Action is a BrightTalk Originals monthly webinar series presented by Cloud Industry Forum CEO, David Terrar, who along with industry experts, explores the complexities and outcomes of digitalisation and what they mean for your business.

Next Webinar: 16 April, 4PM​

Digital Transformation in Action: 50th Episode Special!

It’s the 50th episode of Digital Transformation in Action, and David Terrar and guests are predicting where cloud may take us next and what it could look like when the 100th episode rolls around.

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Is Public Cloud the Best Option?

With forecasting that public cloud revenues will jump 26%YoY, it’s time to ask: in 2023, is public cloud the best direction for every business scenario? Guests from OVHcloud, Natwest and Capgemini Invent join us as we take a closer look at the public cloud landscape and its alternatives.


Revisiting Cloud Security: Managing Spend and Risk

Guests from Crisis Team and Bill Mew revisit cloud security, with a particular focus on security spend and risk management.


Developing a Digital Culture: Can a Business Change Its Culture?

We take a closer look at digital culture and ask: can a business really change its culture? With guests from Ancoris and We Need Social.

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