Partner Enabled Industry 4.0 with AWS IoT

Unveiling the IDC Technology Spotlight

Industrial IoT (IIoT) brings machines, cloud computing, analytics, and people together to improve the performance and productivity of industrial processes. To realize the full potential of Industry 4.0, businesses are turning to partners like LTI with the expertise to leverage the AWS IoT ecosystem for a comprehensive, secure, and holistic approach to smart manufacturing.

Join experts, Mukesh Dialani (Program Director, Digital Engineering and Operational Technology Services at IDC), Clive Charlton (Head of Solution Architecture at AWS), and Suparna Dutta (AVP & Head – Industrial IoT at LTI) in this session as they explore how cloud-enabled services partners can help businesses achieve Industry 4.0 transformations.

Panelists will discuss:
– IIoT applications, and where they fit into your business
– How data and cloud are driving transformation in the IIoT space
– The challenges faced by organizations looking to implement IIoT, including talent acquisition, funding, and siloed operations
– How to efficiently execute an Industry 4.0 strategy

Attendees will receive an exclusive first-access copy of the IDC Technology Spotlight – Industrial IoT Solutions Need Cloud-enabled Services Partners to Realize Industry 4.0 Transformations, along with the opportunity to sign up for a smart manufacturing use case assessment by an LTI transformation expert.

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