Overcoming the Hybrid Cloud Challenge

72 percent of respondents in a recent Everest Group survey described their cloud strategy as hybrid-first. With the benefits of hybrid cloud including agility, lower capex and reliability, it’s little wonder it’s such a popular cloud strategy. But from the difficulties of getting a handle on overall cost and managing cloud spend to incompatible infrastructure and potential security and compliance issues, the challenges can also be significant.

In episode 14 of Digital Transformation in Action, we take a look at why overcoming the hybrid cloud challenge is worth it and how businesses can confidently manage its complexities in order to reap its rewards.

Join host Alex Hilton and guests for expert advice on overcoming hybrid cloud challenges including:

  • Overcoming migration complexity
  • Ensuring hybrid governance
  • Scaling in the right direction
  • Managing costs with visibility and confidence
  • Mapping the right goals and outcomes

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