Complete Cloud Economics: Gaining Control of Costs

Beyond getting the cloud architecture for your business right, cloud cost management is a whole other ball game and a discipline in itself. Understanding the true Total Economic Impact (TEI) of your cloud strategy requires IT leaders to embrace cloud economics and commit to exploring critical business questions including return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Join us for episode 14 of Digital Transformation in Action, where host Alex Hilton and guest experts show you why it’s crucial you understand the economics of cloud computing and cloud cost models so that you can ensure your assets are optimized and of greatest value to your business.

Areas of discussion will include:

  • Essential considerations to include in your cloud economics model – including TCO, staff productivity, operational resilience and business agility
  • The benefits of shifting from CapEx to OpEx with a cloud-first strategy
  • How to measure the value of cloud and IaaS to show how business and IT benefits go beyond cost
  • Costs you need to factor in despite not buying and managing underlying infrastructure: don’t get caught out!

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