Leading Microsoft cloud security experts, Softwerx, join the Cloud Industry Forum

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) has today announced that the Cambridge and London based IT security services specialists join the IT trade body.   

For more than a decade the Cloud Industry Forum has discussed how security has been the biggest inhibitor and concern to accelerated cloud adoption.   For any digital transformation to succeed the need for robust security management is paramount. 

Softwerx helps businesses of all sizes design, implement, and manage ongoing resilient security processes and technology and they have chosen to pin their colours to the Microsoft mast to achieve this. 

David Smart, Managing Director of Softwerx commented; “We are really pleased to be joining the community of Cloud Industry Forum thought leaders and look forward to contributing.  We will be utilising the Forum’s research and engagement programmes to ensure our voice is heard in a busy marketplace.”

Alex Hilton, CEO of Cloud Industry Forum added, “Softwerx is exactly the type of business we are here to support.  They have specialised in a vital area that really impacts customers and have invested in skills to ensure a strong proposition for their customers.   We look forward to working with David and his team.” 

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