Cloud – the next generation

We are delighted to present the latest Cloud Industry Forum research paper, entitled “Cloud – the next generation”.   This paper is free of charge to download, (just subscribe to our news services) and you will have access to the latest news and views from the Forum in relation to what’s happening in the fast moving cloud industry marketplace.   Our prime research paper is conducted independently and takes a vendor agnostic approach to what is happening in the market. 

In this latest research we have identified a big uplift in cloud usage, though AI, blockchain and IoT adoption are stalling due to skills and supply-side issues.  For the first time, businesses are now spending more on cloud infrastructure than they are on on-premise infrastructure. This gap is set to widen significantly over the next three years as organisations decommission their legacy IT and ramp up their investments in next generation technologies.

UK businesses are keenly aware of the threats and opportunities presented by digital disruption, with over half (55%) expecting their sector to be disrupted within the next two years.

However, despite broad recognition of the benefits that AI, IoT and blockchain can deliver to businesses, the research found that only a small minority of organisations have adopted them, hence the new generation of cloud services is only at the start of its journey.

We surveyed UK-based IT and business decision-makers, sought to understand how they were exploiting cloud and other next generation technologies, and the barriers standing in the way of adoption.   

We hope you enjoy this research and welcome your feedback or thoughts via email  or Twitter using @UK_CIF 

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