Unlocking the Data Economy with the Power of the Cloud: Strategies for Success

The data economy is estimated to be worth between $118bn and $164bn in Canada alone. Applying that logic to the data economy in the US and it’s predicted to be between $1.4trn-2trn – nearly 5% of America’s stock of private physical capital. In 2021, there is no denying that ‘data done right’ is hugely valuable.

In today’s digital age, it’s essential that businesses set themselves up as players in the data economy. To do this successfully, it’s worth looking at how cloud powers the data economy and unlocks its value with agility, flexibility and security.

In episode 17 of Digital Transformation in Action, we’re sharing how organisations can make the most of the data economy with cloud solutions. Join us to hear:

– Why hybrid and multi-cloud environments are key to success in the data revolution
– How to ensure your cloud-powered data strategies meet regulatory requirements and are scalable and secure
– How cloud analytics can enhance business decision making
– And more

Presented by: Alex Hilton – CEO, Cloud Industry Forum | James Green – Head of Data Analytics, Ancoris | Michael Frisby – MD, Cobweb | Aaron Segesman – Solutions Architect, Matillion

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