Multi-Cloud for Resilient Organizations: Strategies for Success

The modern business demands a modern approach to IT infrastructure, and in 2021 that’s increasingly meaning multi-cloud. Veering away from vendor lock-in, and driven by the spirit of collaboration, multi-cloud is being heralded as the approach future-proof, resilient businesses need to take.

In this episode of Digital Transformation in Action, we’re asking why that is. We’ll be looking closely at how multi-cloud can enable businesses to not only unlock their future potential, but drive innovation and superior customer experience.

Join host Alex Hilton and guests as they discuss:

  • Key reasons why a multi-cloud architecture can help future proof your business
  • How multi-cloud advances Digital Transformation strategies
  • How businesses can overcome common multi-cloud adoption challenges
  • What multi-cloud ‘done right’ looks like
  • And more

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