Handling the Hybrid Cloud Challenge

Today, companies are aware that adopting cloud is not a binary choice. Hybrid cloud strategy continues to be the most popular strategy for Digital Transformation and ESG estimates that 89% of organisations still expect to have a meaningful on-premises footprint in three years. In this month’s episode of Digital Transformation in Action, we discuss how emerging and established development processes can support traditional architectures so that IT leaders can meet business demand, and stay within budget.

Join host Alex Hilton and guests for expert advice on managing the hybrid cloud, including:

  • How to manage a hybrid cloud architecture that can flexibly support the workloads businesses need to succeed
  • How to ensure your existing and legacy technology can support applications being built today and in the future
  • How to handle costs confidently

Presented by: Alex Hilton, CEO – Cloud Industry Forum | Austin Pierson – Account Executive, ScienceLogic | Russell Macdonald Chief technologist, HPE | Sean McAvan, Managing Director EMEA, Navisite

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