From Licensing to Liability: Inside the Legal Angle of Cloud Service Engagement

The proliferation of data has enabled businesses to gain deeper insight into their operations and increase their bottom line, but it has also created new security and privacy risks. Companies today need to understand what they’re liable for and learn what their protections are when engaging a new cloud service provider, otherwise they risk falling out of compliance — or even losing important customer data.

The stakes are high: the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data breach resulted in an approximate $5billion fine, which most companies would struggle to weather. However, with the right preparation, businesses can protect themselves and ensure that their cloud service relationships work for both parties.

In this month’s episode of Digital Transformation in Action, join host Alex Hilton and guests for expert advice on the legal considerations of buying and using cloud services, such as:

  • Identifying the local regulations that apply to your cloud service partnership
  • Understanding what safety measures are deployed by the provider and what’s on your company to ensure
  • Building a regular, reliable auditing system for ongoing legal compliance
  • And more

​Presented by: Alex Hilton – Cloud Industry Forum | Frank Jennings – Wallace LLP | Rick Concannon – Data Intensity | Hiren Parekh – OVHcloud

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