Tame the Bear: Digital Transformation

Find out how Digital Transformation is positively and negatively affecting organisations, their IT teams and their employees in this major new research paper.

This paper covers the findings from a large research project investigating attitudes towards digital transformation** in five countries focusing on expected benefits, challenges, and business demands. The research was conducted by Vanson Bourne, on behalf of Sungard Availability Services. Topics include:

  • Importance and priorities in key transformation areas
  • Why employees are requesting digital tools and systems
  • How IT teams are affected by the drive for transformation
  • IT and Employees fears and concerns
  • The latest ranking on skills gaps
  • Key barriers to digital transformation
  • Potential answers or strategies to address the digital transformation conundrum.

Interviews were conducted in May 2016 across two groups of respondents: IT decision makers (ITDMs) and employees from the wider business. The research questioned respondents from businesses of over 500 employees in the US, UK, and France, and respondents from businesses with a minimum of 250 employees in Ireland and Sweden. These businesses operated in a variety of sectors, including financial services, professional services and retail.

Overall, 715 interviews were conducted online and over the telephone with ITDMs, including 205 from the US, 153 from the UK, 156 from France, 101 from Ireland and 100 from Sweden.

At the same time, 1400 interviews were conducted online and over the telephone with general employees, including 400 from the US, 300 from the UK, 300 from France, 200 from Ireland and 200 from Sweden.

**This research defines digital transformation as implementing new and emerging technologies including cloud based technologies, digital platforms, website mobile site/ applications, social media, and customer-facing technology systems, to increase productivity, develop new revenue streams and improve communication with internal and external parties. This can include consolidating or expanding the IT estate to support the deployment of digital solutions.

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