FinOps: Managing The True Cost of Cloud

As nearly all industries start to embrace digitization, businesses are facing the challenge of supporting this higher volume of online activity. One of the most commonly proposed solutions to this problem is deploying a cloud network. Yet undertaking a cloud migration can be a draining process, from both a financial and operational perspective — and it may not be worth it for your organization. In fact, Gartner estimates that in many cases “cloud services can initially be more expensive than running on-premises data centers.”

In order to know whether cloud is the right answer for your business, it’s critical to first understand the true cost of cloud computing. Between initial investment costs, the retraining of employees, and the long off-ramp for on-premise servers, the answer might surprise you.

Join this latest episode of Digital Transformation in Action to discover:

  • How to avoid quantifying cloud costs in the same way as data-server strategies
  • What a true cloud migration looks like, in both best and worst case scenarios
  • How to identify cloud optimization opportunities, to make your investment worth it
  • And much more!

​Presented by: Alex Hilton, Cloud Industry Forum | Jonas Lazar, SoftwareONE, Principal Business Consultant & Senior Project Manager | Rich Froble, Data Intensity LLC, Vice President Product Management at Data Intensity | Venkat Karpuram, Broadcom Inc, Global Head of FinOps, Security and Compliance

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