Buyers guide to ERP

A world where all business is done digitally is a world transformed. It opens up new markets for all companies regardless of size, allows organisations to engage in new customer conversations and enables disruptive brands to expand at a pace that would have been unthinkable before.

If that’s the promise, what’s the reality?

According to the latest of our annual research surveys on Cloud adoption in 2017, 44 per cent of companies already have a digital transformation strategy in place and another 32 per cent are planning to implement one. Where are you on this journey? And are your software and systems ready to make the move?

To address the second question first, most IT estates have been developed in a piecemeal fashion and are unlikely, in their present state, to be ready for digital. This is one of the unseen consequences of digital transformation. Namely, that it provides an opportunity to streamline and integrate technology assets. To get your house in order. 

To that end the Cloud Industry Forum, supported by NetSuite, has put together this ‘Buyers’ Guide to Digital Transformation Built on Cloud ERP’.  It seeks to explore the role of software and cloud, as well as answer that most fundamental of questions: Are you ready? 

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