Adapting Cloud Services to Keep Up with Business Innovation

With businesses across industries leveraging cloud technologies to optimise their operations and processes, cloud services have never been in such high demand. As more of the organisation leverages the cloud, IT spends are skyrocketing and organisations are quickly realising the enormous burden that managing and maintaining the infrastructure places on internal developers.

In response, cloud providers are adapting their service offerings, moving away from the conventional subscription-based model to offer more custom services, tailored to organisations’ individual needs.

In Episode 34 of Digital Transformation in Action, we’re exploring how the cloud industry is adapting its offerings to empower IT teams to accelerate innovation in the multi-cloud world.

Topics for discussion include:

  • The cost of digitisation: how IT needs are shifting as company-wide digital transformation initiatives take force
  • From subscription to service model: how cloud providers are adapting their offerings to help IT teams accelerate innovation
  • Adapting to IT evolution: what does the uptick of as-a-service offerings tell us about the future of business?
  • And more

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