Cloud for SMB: Building Better Customer Experiences

It’s not just enterprises that have transformed their businesses with cloud. Despite the fact that many SMBs aren’t as ready to migrate all their storage, processing and computing needs to the cloud, they’re increasingly getting in on the action – no doubt fuelled in part by the pandemic.

Analysys Mason’s SMB Technology Forecaster predicts that SMB spending on cloud solutions will outpace that on on-premises options by 2024, and as we are now 15 years into what McKinsey terms ‘the cloud revolution’, it’s time to assess how SMBs are taking advantage of cloud transformation.

In this episode of Digital Transformation in Action, Alex Hilton, CEO of Cloud Industry Forum is joined by experts to share essential strategies for SMB IT leaders who are utilizing the power of the cloud.

Join them to learn:

  • The challenges unique to SMBs when it comes to cloud adoption
  • Why a hybrid approach may be the best bet for SMBs
  • How to tie cloud adoption into better experiences for your customers and employees
  • What kind of workloads make sense for private cloud, and which are suitable for public
  • How to manage cloud costs and how to incorporate FinOps into your cloud management strategy
  • And more

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