Building Boundaries: How to Rein in Cloud Sprawl

Cloud infrastructures offer seemingly endless opportunities, but this lack of physical boundaries can create problems if organizations aren’t careful. Today’s market is full of cloud providers and solutions, to the extent that IBM estimates that 85% of companies are operating a multi-cloud environment. If left unchecked, this growing network of cloud tools could become a sticky web that drains resources and compromises compliance.

For many organizations, cloud networks remain the most efficient way to handle digital operations. Yet this relies on having clear oversight over all activity, as well as a company-wide strategy for cloud management. Learning how to limit cloud sprawl and maximize existing cloud tools is the only way to ensure a positive return on investment, without falling behind the latest developments.

Join this episode of Digital Transformation in Action to hear more about cloud sprawl and how to rein it in.

Our panel will take a closer look at:

  • The most common scenarios for cloud sprawl and how to spot it
  • How to balance valuable integrations and partnerships, without overextending your network
  • Building a cloud management strategy that protects you in the long-term
  • And much more!

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