The Multi-Cloud Maze: Making the Right Cloud Choice

85% of organisations are working towards, or already working with, a multi-cloud architecture. But along with the benefits of multi-cloud – including increased reliability, flexibility and reduced DDoS attacks – comes unique challenges.

Join episode 9 of Digital Transformation in Action, where host Alex Hilton and guests discuss how best to overcome these challenges, including:

– How to navigate increased operational complexity, including standardisation

– Understanding complicated cost models and billing

– Knowing which cloud provider is best for your workload

– Managing and implementing additional security and governance Host:

– Alex Hilton – CEO, Cloud Industry Forum


– Rachel Dines, Senior Director for Product Marketing, CloudHealth by VMware

– Sean McAvan – Managing Director, EMEA – Navisite

– Graham Bromham – Head of Cloud & Managed Service Provider Sales, Fujitsu UK

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