Digital Transformation: In association with Hyland

It has been proven in the commercial sector that properly implemented cloud technology can improve speed of delivery, increase security, and create opportunities for organisations.

Government organisations need to adopt a similar approach and work together more effectively to take full advantage of the benefits cloud can offer. The ‘buy once use multiple times’ approach can provide cost savings whilst embracing cloud solutions. For example, a joint technical and commercial approach to cost optimisation reduced a Home Office portfolio’s cloud spend by 40% by using a variety of optimisation techniques across storage, use and resource. In June last year, Fastly’s CDN outage brought down some of the world’s largest websites from the BBC, New York Times, CNN and GOV.UK, raising concerns around single solution providers and relying on a handful of companies to run the vast infrastructure that underpins some of the biggest real estate on the internet. How does the public sector transition from legacy to cloud?

What are the challenges and benefits of cloud and which environment, public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment is best for the public sector?

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