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Revisiting Cloud Security: Managing Spend and Risk

September 12 2023

4:00 pm
Join David Terrar, CEO of Cloud Industry Forum and guests for episode 44 of Digital Transformation in Action, as they revisit cloud security – with a particular focus on security spend and risk management.
October 2 2023

Tech Wave Forum

Introducing "Cloud Industry Forum presents TWF!" - a weekly live-streamed news and interview show on our LinkedIn channel. Join us every Monday at 10am for up-to-the-minute news on cloud computing, followed by insightful interviews with renowned industry thought leaders.
September 12 2023

Revisiting Cloud Security: Managing Spend and Risk

Join David Terrar, CEO of Cloud Industry Forum and guests for episode 44 of Digital Transformation in Action, as they revisit cloud security - with a particular focus on security spend and risk management.
July 27 2023
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Developing a Digital Culture: Can a Business Change Its Culture?

Join David Terrar, CEO of Cloud Industry Forum and guests for episode 43 of Digital Transformation in Action, as they take a closer look at digital culture and ask: can a business really change its culture?
June 27 2023
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AI + Cloud: Show Me The Opportunity

Join David Terrar, CEO of Cloud Industry Forum and guests for episode 42 of Digital Transformation in Action, as they discuss the opportunities - and risks - around AI and the cloud.
May 16 2023
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Managing Data in the Cloud – Considerations and Advice

Join episode 41 of Digital Transformation in Action for considerations and advice for managing data in the cloud from experts:
April 18 2023

Regional Cloud Ecosystems – Does Data Sovereignty Matter Anymore?

Join Alex Hilton, CEO of Cloud Industry Forum and guests for episode 40 of Digital Transformation in Action, as they discuss regional cloud ecosystems and ask - 'Does data sovereignty matter anymore?'
April 20 2023

Cloud Anonymous

Calling all cloud architects! In partnership with Dark Matter, we are hosting Cloud Anonymous in London on Thursday 20th April. This event brings together cloud architects, engineers and technologists to tackle topics such as reliance on suppliers, data sovereignty, sustainability and more.
March 21 2023

Considerations for Migrating Applications to the Cloud

Join Alex Hilton, CEO of Cloud Industry Forum and guests for episode 39 of Digital Transformation in Action, as they share crucial considerations when migrating applications to the cloud.
February 22 2023

CIF Members Meeting

Members only meeting to discuss new CIF research, the Metaverse and more
February 21 2023
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Sustainability and “Carbon-Intelligent” Cloud – Is Change In The Air?

Join Alex Hilton, CEO of Cloud Industry Forum and guests for episode 38 of Digital Transformation in Action, as they ask if change is coming for cloud and sustainability.
January 17 2023
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Legacy IT: Friend or Foe?

Join Alex Hilton, CEO of Cloud Industry Forum and guests for episode 37 of Digital Transformation in Action, as they ask 'Legacy IT? Friend or Foe?'.
December 13 2022
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How Disruptive Cloud Technologies are Shaping the Future of Business

Cloud computing is quickly evolving from technology enabler to business disruptor.
December 6 2022

OVH Cloud Virtual Brewtanix

Join us for a Virtual Brewtanix aimed at giving you the opportunity to network with Nutanix and OVH Cloud in an informal online setting to learn about what the impact of the energy crisis will be on the cost base of IT Infrastructure.
November 23 2022

Critical Insight 2022

Join us on 22 and 23 November 2022, and be a part of the conversations that will help us to shape the future of our industry
November 15 2022

EcoEx On stage – UK

Data is one of your most valuable assets, how you manage it securely across your public / private clouds can make or break your business.
November 8 2022
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Maximising the Value of Data with AI

With AI tools being made accessible in the public cloud, there is a opportunity for orgs to harness their data to optimise operations, improve the customer experience and ultimately, drive value
October 6 2022
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Digital Transformation: In association with Hyland

What are the challenges and benefits of cloud and which environment, public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment is best for the public sector?
October 25 2022
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Adapting Cloud Services to Keep Up with Business Innovation

Cloud providers are adapting their service offerings and moving away from the conventional subscription-based model...
September 13 2022
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Better Together: Exploring Cloud and Edge Computing Synergies

The amount of data that needs to be processed is hard to fathom, and cloud alone cannot cope. Which is where Edge computing comes in.
July 26 2022
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Cloud for SMB: Building Better Customer Experiences

It’s not just enterprises that have transformed their businesses with cloud.
June 28 2022
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Building Boundaries: How to Rein in Cloud Sprawl

Cloud infrastructures offer seemingly endless opportunities, but this lack of physical boundaries can create problems if organizations aren’t careful.
June 28 2022
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Adopting hybrid cloud to accelerate business transformation

Discover the practical steps to making the right choices, planning the transition and delivering a sustainable cloud architecture.
May 24 2022
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Managing Cloud Migration: Lift & Shift or Going Cloud Native?

An increasing number of organizations are deciding to move their digital operations into the cloud, but this is only the first step in a long migration process.
April 26 2022
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FinOps: Managing The True Cost of Cloud

As nearly all industries start to embrace digitization, businesses are facing the challenge of supporting this higher volume of online activity
March 29 2022
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Adapting to Selling Cloud Services in a Multi-Cloud World

It used to be that cloud services were the domain of IT departments alone, but the new emphasis on digital-first strategies has all departments engaging with the technology
February 17 2022
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Finance Director Update

Join MHA for our Finance Director (CPD verified) Update
March 1 2021
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From Licensing to Liability: Inside the Legal Angle of Cloud Service Engagement

The stakes have never been higher, with the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data breach resulted in an approximate $5billion fine
February 16 2022
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Utilising cloud to give your data a new edge

Join OVHcloud to unpick the buzz around this trend and discover how to stay ahead of the curve.
January 25 2022
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Digital Transformation in 2022: Trends, Predictions and Insights

According to IDC, worldwide Digital Transformation technology investment is set to reach at least $7.4 trillion over the next four years...
December 9 2021
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Handling the Hybrid Cloud Challenge

Find out how emerging and established development processes can support traditional architectures so that IT leaders can meet business demand, and stay within budget.
December 9 2021
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Demystify FDA Compliance for Public Cloud Workloads in Life Sciences

Join our informative expert roundtable to hear best-practice approaches from alliance partners USDM Life Sciences and Data Intensity
November 11 2021
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The Evolution of Secure Hybrid Working

Do you want to know how Bad bots, broken APIs, and supply chain attacks put business data at risk.
November 2 2021
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Securing Digital Transformation in 2022: Trends, Insights and Best Practices

With even more users, devices and data located outside of the network than ever before, we’re revisiting new and emerging best practices to guide you through an ever evolving threatscape.
October 5 2021
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The Hybrid Workspace Revisited: Trends, Insights and Best Practices

We’re discussing how businesses are navigating the challenges and opportunities that the next generation of the office delivers.
September 28 2021
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Microsoft Security Advice for Your Charity

Cyber criminals are targeting Charities with increasingly sophisticated and evolving attacks.
September 23 2021
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Consciously Hybrid | A Public Sector Story (2021)

A journey to unearth the realities of public sector digital transformation; a path that led to a provoking documentary highlighting why the time for ‘conscious’ digital transformation is now
September 15 2021
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Partner Enabled Industry 4.0 with AWS IoT

Join the experts as they explore how cloud-enabled services partners can help businesses achieve Industry 4.0 transformations.
September 7 2021
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Exploring AI in Cloud Computing

AI is improving many facets of business, and it’s safe to say that in 2021 cloud computing is one of them.
July 27 2021
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Multi-Cloud for Resilient Organizations: Strategies for Success

We're looking at how multi-cloud can enable businesses to not only unlock their future potential, but drive innovation and superior customer experience.
July 13 2021
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Cloud Transformation Congress

Get key cloud transformation insights at the Cloud Transformation Congress.
July 1 2021
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Data Security Talks | Rubrik

Data is your most valuable asset – but it’s also your most vulnerable...
June 30 2020
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The Multi-Cloud Maze: Making the Right Cloud Choice

85% of organisations are working towards, or already working with, a multi-cloud architecture. But along with the benefits of multi-cloud - including increased reliability, flexibility and reduced DDoS attacks - comes unique challenges.
May 5 2020
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Collaboration in Digital Transformation: From Boardroom to Stakeholder Buy-In

Digital Transformation has moved from being touted as the next major industrial trend to being central to business strategy success. It’s therefore crucial that Digital Transformation has the backing of the boardroom in order for it to be driven and delivered successfully.
April 1 2020
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Is Digital Transformation Changing the Role of the IT Department?

With the advent of cloud in all its forms, we ask what's fast becoming a critical question: is Digital Transformation Changing the Role of the IT Department?
December 3 2019
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Your Stories of Digital Transformation

How have others approached Digital Transformation in their business, what did they wish they’d known before they started, and what one piece of advice would they give to those about to embark on their own journey?
November 5 2019
On Demand

Building Your Digital Transformation Team 

Your organization has committed itself to realizing the opportunities of digital transformation, but does it have the tools to be successful?
October 9 2019
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Introducing your Organization to Digital Transformation

Educate your organization and leadership in the opportunities and expectations of digital transformation projects.