Westminster eForum Keynote Seminar: Cloud computing | Cloud industry forum

Westminster eForum Keynote Seminar: Cloud computing


This seminar will examine the progress of a variety of cloud computing services, the scope of market opportunities for cloud computing, what services are capable of offering to business and consumers, what clients want from cloud services and the implications of cloud computing for privacy and security.

With a variety of cloud computing services becoming available to consumers and business their role in the UK economy is becoming more significant. The implications of these services for the way in which computers are being used and how values of privacy, security and compliance are maintained are issues of concern for our stakeholders. We feel that attendees would benefit greatly from hearing your thoughts on the way in which cloud computing services are offering and how they are developing - in particular to what extent are cloud service providers ensuring that that rights and responsibilities attached to local data storage and processing are being replicated in the cloud. We hope you would welcome the opportunity to interact with the engaged group representing interests from across the issue who are a feature of our impartial policy seminars.

CIF has been invited to speak on the panel session: Security, privacy and compliance. The current themes for this session are: What are the most recent views on the security and privacy offered by cloud services compared to local solutions? How is technology and industry practice developing? How are the legal issues associated with the storage of data online being addressed? How should questions be resolved over who takes responsibility for the contents of files, and their safe storage, in the cloud? Is the cloud suitable for Government, banks and other organisations holding sensitive data? Why are hybrid/public cloud services proving so popular, and what is the future of hybrid systems? How should the industry tackle interoperability issues and the danger of clients being trapped by their choice of cloud service? The session is scheduled to run 10.15am - 11.00am.

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