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Taking advantage of the UK's flexible working boom

By Emma-Jayne Hunt, 8x8

CIF and 8x8 held an engaging session on ‘Taking advantage of the UKs flexible and remote working boom’ at 8x8’s new UK Head Office on Tuesday 28th February. Here is a summary of what you missed:

HR professionals, business leaders and Millennials are adoption drivers:

To open the event, Melanie Foster from Larato presented some of the findings from research carried out in 2016.  One of the most interesting findings being that HR professionals are influential early adopters of mobile working.  Nearly 90% of HR professionals predict its rise over the next 5 years.  As well as adopting remote working for their own recruitment and L&D activities, they recognise that a flexible working culture is critical for attracting talent to the workforce.

The future of bring your own device (BYOD):

BYOD is a trend which really came to life in 2011. Since then companies have become increasingly welcoming to the concept and its benefits such as increased staff productivity. However, it does bring its drawbacks, for example security concerns. But no other VoIP or contact centre provider does more to safeguard the security and compliance of mission-critical communications than 8x8. 8x8’s technology really supports the BYOD trend by letting users work seamlessly from a range of devices, be that desktop, mobile or via their softphone. The overall thoughts on BYOD was that this trend is likely to stick around for some time.

The balance between trust and control:

An interesting discussion emerged during 8x8’s product demo. Allowing your staff to work remotely requires a great deal of trust from the managers behalf, by not having your staff in sight can often leave management feeling like they have less control over the productivity output of his/her staff. 8x8 explained that their analytics provide management with the control needed to monitor staff performance, if not better, as they would do in the office. Larato explained 27% of millennials would rather have flexibility and a better work-life balance over a pay rise. This really drove home the need for a system which endorses and supports flexible working.

The most convincing way to persuade gen X/baby boomer:

Research conducted by 8x8 highlighted the rift between company directors and IT managers when adopting the cloud. Almost half (45%) of IT managers agreed that senior business leaders hold back technology for reasons of ‘self-preservation’.

The discussion on Tuesday was summarised with emphasis on the importance of storytelling. It was said that the most effective way of convincing a member from gen x/baby boomer to move to the cloud was to pair cloud technology with a scenario which he/she can easily relate to. This will simplify the somewhat alien concept of cloud technology, and the better the chance of persuading a member of gen x or baby boomer to move to the cloud.