Panel Discussion: Digital Transformation | Cloud industry forum


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Panel Discussion: Digital Transformation

  • Date: Thursday 14 October, 2021
  • Time: 9:15am - 4pm

Digital disruption is impacting the need for transformation within the public sector and with the public’s demand for new digital services since the pandemic, the sector is looking towards the future of digital technology. 

The opportunities to overhaul ageing legacy IT infrastructure, improve citizen engagement and implement big data applications are growing, paving the way for public sector bodies to become more effective, efficient and more resilient for its citizens.

But with the speed in which innovative digital technologies are becoming more available to the public sector, how do they navigate through the digital transformation journey while creating value through efficiency and how does the sector leverage data to positively impact public service delivery?

Join us on 14 October where we’re joined by public sector leaders and innovators to explore how to deliver the future of digital technology in the public sector and discover how big data will drive annual growth towards transformation targets.