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Web Services Agreement Specification (WS-Agreement) WS-Agreement Negotiation Version 1.0

This document is the WS-Agreement Specification from the Open Grid Forum (OGF).
This is a public document being developed by the participants of the GRAAP Working Group (Grid Resource Allocation and Agreement Protocol WG) of the Compute Area of the OGF.

This document provides information to the Grid, Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing community about WS-Agreement Negotiation Version 1.0. It describes WS-Agreement Negotiation, an extension to the WS-Agreement
Abstract Abstract
This document describes Web Services Agreement Specification (WS-Agreement), a Web Services protocol for establishing agreement between two parties, such as between a service provider and consumer, using an extensible XML language for specifying the nature of the agreement, and agreement templates to facilitate discovery of compatible agreement parties. The specification consists of three parts which may be used in a composable manner: a schema for specifying an agreement, a schema for specifying an agreement template, and a set of port types and operations for managing agreement life-cycle, including creation, expiration, and monitoring of agreement states. During almost three years after the publication as GFD.107 in May 2007 a number of typos and formatting problems have been reported. None of them was affecting the normative part of the specification. This document is a revised version of GFD.107, which fixes all typos in the descriptive part of the document. The changes have been implemented during the GRAAP sessions at OGF 28 in Munich. Oliver Wäldrich, Philipp Wieder and Wolfgang Ziegler have prepared this version of the document. This document describes the Web Services Agreement Negotiation Specification (WS-Agreement Negotiation), a Web Services protocol for negotiating agreement offers between two parties, such as between a service provider and a service consumer. An agreement offer negotiation may then result in the creation of an agreement using the WS-Agreement specification (published as GFD.192 [GFD192]). WS-Agreement Negotiation can also be used to renegotiate an existing agreement. WS-Agreement Negotiation provides an additional layer to create agreements with WS-Agreement. To achieve this, it defines an extensible XML language for specifying agreement offers and agreement templates. These templates are WS-Agreement-compliant and include a negotiation context and a set of negotiation constraints that are used for the negotiation. The specification includes all schemas required for the negotiation and the necessary port types.

All information for creating, managing, and monitoring an agreement is not described in this document but in the WS-Agreement specification.

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