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News Roundup 8 Jan

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Latest in the CloudData transfers continue after Brexit

Data transfers continue after Brexit 
By Frank Jennings, The Cloud Lawyer.


The UK and EU have reached a trade deal. With 5 days before it comes into force, there’s barely enough time for the politicians to ratify it, let alone analyse all 1,256 pages. As if the politicians would be the ones poring over the detail: that will fall to the economists, analysts and, of course, the lawyers. The purpose of this post is not to assess the deal, just the data provisions. The agreement is here (PDF) if you fancy some light reading.


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DX saves over $165k migrating to cloud. By Ensono

Strategic partnership that transcends pure managed services.  The client DX, a leading independent logistics operator in the UK and Ireland - System downtime is a serious situation for any business but in the logistics sector, it’s an immediate impact. If IT fails, manifests and route plans are not produced, meaning that vans can’t leave, and deliveries instantly grind to a halt.  


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Adapt, Innovate, Advance!
Digital Transformation in the Covid era

The cloud delivered for over 90 per cent of UK plc when tackling the challenge of COVID.Cloud Industry Forum research finds that COVID put the Cloud to test and it passed with flying colours.

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