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Netskope Webinar: Managing the cloud under EU GDPR


The legal, compliance and information security communities are abuzz with talk of the European Commission’s pending EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), soon to become legislation.  The GDPR will carry higher penalties than have been seen to date, will supersede any country-level data privacy regulations within the EU, and will impact both organisations in the European Union and those outside, if they do business with EU countries.

It’s a big deal.

And, what about cloud?  In virtually every industry, organisations have been rapidly adopted cloud apps in recent years. Cloud apps make people more productive and allow them to work more flexibly - and they are easy to procure. But many IT professionals still believe their organisations are “not in the cloud” or vastly underestimate the number of apps in use – often by 90% or more. This is “shadow IT” at its finest.

Here’s the problem.

The GDPR will require organisations to know what services are “processing” personal data and protect the privacy of those data, wherever they are processed. If vast amounts of personal data are being processed by shadow IT, how can organisations protect those data? You can’t protect what you can’t see.

Join Jeroen Terstegge of Privacy Management Partners and Andy Aplin from Netskope on December 3rd to learn what the GDPR will entail (including definitions of the terminology being used), what organisations will need to know if they are working in the cloud and how Netskope can help organisations to ensure that they are compliant in good time.