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Knowledge Hub Overview

Many of our library resources are publicly available, however some of our premium content and services are only accessible to subscribers or members. 

CIF has an extensive library of cloud resources available. Here you can access the latest cloud white papers, cloud research, webinars, guides, case studies, slides and much more covering a wide range of cloud topics.

Access to Resources

The table on the right shows the access rights for CIF Resources 

Knowledge Hub Structure

The resources in the Knowledge hub have been tagged according to type, topics, source, author, and assigned to categories to help finding them more convenient for users based on their interest areas. 

Searching can be done via key search terms or browsing according to relevant categories.

As well as common categories we have tagged all resources according to their relevance to key cloud adoption stages highlighted in the CIF 21 step Cloud Adoption Roadmap. Categories include:

Research & Strategy, Planning & Assessment, Migration & Adoption, Service Management, Cloud Evolution

Much of our library content is CIF commissioned but we also include material created by our industry partners and affiliates. This material is selected to be as brand / technology agnostic as possible.

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