Interview: Getting ready for the extreme innovations in the cloud | Cloud industry forum

Interview: Getting ready for the extreme innovations in the cloud

About this webinar

Interview in partnership with BrightTALK, The Stack and Cloud Industry Forum

In this interview John Abel, the Head of Technology and Cloud for UK, Ireland and Israel at Oracle, is discussing the latest innovations in the cloud and how these impact the modern business environment.

Among topics discussed:

  • Cloud in 2020 
  • Extreme innovations in the cloud
  • Challenges with cloud adoption today
  • Legacy organisations and digital transformation in the cloud
  • "What does lobsters have to do with innovation"
  • Top 3 pieces of advice for aspiring technology leaders

About the Speaker:

John Abel has worked with Oracle for over 20 years and during this time he has worked in Support, Applications, Technology and Consulting.

More recently John has been in Oracle Systems for four years. John's main focus now is Engineered Systems and Oracle Database Cloud (Database as a Service) across Europe, Middle East and Africa and he often uses his prior experience to explain all aspects of technology to customers. In his presentations, John relates to actual customer experience and provides real world answers to real world problems. John is also a successful Oracle Press Author and using his experience of over 300+ customer engagements has produced publications explaining the Oracle Technology and Applications.