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How a QA and testing framework could be the key to avoiding a Cloud Thunderstorm

The traditional role of a CIO, the company’s steward of all things technical, is shifting as the business part of the organisation becomes more tech savvy and more demanding.

Business is taking control by engaging directly with vendors who are offering on-demand services and promising more value at less cost and more quickly than the internal IT department. As a consequence business is effectively bypassing their IT colleagues in a growing trend known as ‘Shadow IT’. Why engage the internal IT department to define a solution on your behalf when there are ready made Cloud based solutions that can satisfy your needs?

As the market adoption of cloud services and the digitalisation of business data has accelerated, quality assurance and testing, which was once the clear responsibility of the IT department, has now become side lined as the business engages directly with cloud suppliers.

With decision making comes responsibility and as a consequence the business has unwittingly inherited the ownership of quality assurance. How do we inform the Business that they are now accountable for the success and quality of the implementation? This Whitepaper raises a number of key operational questions and also provides a 5-step framework to the QA approach.

Chris Bean former global CIO for a QA & Testing consultancy firm and management consultant at Accenture & Cap Gemini.

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