Europe and the Cloud Round Table | Cloud industry forum

Europe and the Cloud Round Table

  • Date: 6th November, 2014
  • Location: London

As the European Commission’s work to develop a safe and fair cloud computing market for Europe progresses and nears fruition, Skyscape Cloud Services is holding a round table to explore the legal implications and challenges of developing a safe but vibrant cloud computing market for Europe. A panel of experts, which will include representatives from Amazon Web Services and the European Commission, facilitated by Alex Hilton, CEO of Cloud Industry Forum,  will debate key areas such as:

  • How can the EC strike the right balance between safe cloud computing and digital growth?
  • What do cloud consumers need in order to trust the cloud?
  • Is regulation the answer?
  • What could be the unintended consequences of a regulated European cloud market?
  • What, if anything, can the EC learn from the UK government?
  • What will good look like for a safe but vibrant European cloud market?