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EU Initiatives

Under the Horizon 2020 Framework, the European Commission supports publicly funded research to help advance the understanding of and access to innovation in the marketplace across a broad spectrum of activities, including Cloud computing.

A selection of Cloud related projects which provide useful resources include:

CLOUDWatch Hub

To drive the wider uptake of cloud computing, Europe needs to pursue a continued dialogue between business users, governments, researchers, providers and trade associations, evaluating ways to increase commitment to transparency, openness and compliance. CloudWATCH is funded by the European Commission FP7 programme to help turn best practices on interoperable clouds into common practices. We aim to contribute to an internal market of services to boost opportunities for businesses and citizens.

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SLALOM Project

SLALOM has now published a standardised set of contract terms and technical specifications for Cloud Service Agreements. The project’s aim to deliver legally-worded, open and ready to use SLA contract templates and technical models that provide consistent specifications and clarify the general responsibilities and liabilities of end users and Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).

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SLA-Ready Project

SLA-Ready aims to provide common understanding of Servce Level Agreements (SLAs) for Cloud services with greater standardisation and transparency so firms can make an informed decision on what services to use, what to expect and what to trust. SLA-Ready services will support SMEs with practical guides and a social marketplace, encouraging them to carefully plan their journey and make it strategic through an informed, stepping-stone approach, so the cloud and applications grow with their business.

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Cloud Industry Forum and EU initiatives

The Cloud Industry Forum is a member of the Cloud Select Industry Group organised by and providing advice to the European Commission (DG Connect), and participates in its working groups on cloud certifications, cloud codes of conduct, and cloud service level agreements.

The ClF is represented in the BSI's mirror committee to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC38 which is responsible for cloud computing, and through that in SC38 itself.

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