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Escrow London

Escrow London is a global software escrow vendor headquartered in the United Kingdom with additional offices in Atlanta, USA and Sydney, Australia.

Escrow London have invested considerable resources into innovation to reinvent source code escrow/software escrow for a SaaS world. Escrow London provides a range of SaaS Continuity escrow solutions suitable for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud hosted applications.

We help companies with business continuity, providing additional assurance when investing in technology. The main use case of the Escrow London SaaS Continuity Escrow solutions is when a company is adopting a SaaS hosted application and is concerned about continuity in the unlikely event that the SaaS vendor is unwilling or unable to support the software (usually due to bankruptcy). An Escrow London solution bridges the gap and can provide continuity through a replicated environment, access to the source code, databases and other materials or access credentials to the production cloud account.