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Do you have full confidence in your next cloud software release?

As a cloud-based SaaS (Software As a Service) provider there is a constant challenge to add more features and functions to your platform in order to remain competitive. And of course there are the necessary patches and security updates to ensure your customers have a stable and secure platform. But just how confident are your customers in receiving your next planned cloud software upgrade? How confident do you feel in your ability to deliver your next software release without production issues or client dissatisfaction?

With recent surveys finding that over 25% of customers are unhappy with their cloud-based service suppliers it is worth examining how the delivery life-cycle process differs between the SaaS and non-cloud models.

Cloud-based services have not only changed the distribution model but also key components of the delivery lifecycle. Cloud-based SaaS providers have deviated from the traditional software development release approach. Each new release is promoted automatically across the full live customer base. So this raises the question:

“Who exactly is responsible for signing off the release as fit-for-purpose?”

This whitepaper covers the 4 step approach to improving the quality and to increase the throughput of changes into production.

Paul Nelis is a former business market director of a specialist testing consultancy and IT consultant at Cap Gemini and AIT.

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