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Consciously Hybrid | A Public Sector Story (2021)

A journey to unearth the realities of public sector digital transformation; a path that led to a provoking documentary highlighting why the time for ‘conscious’ digital transformation is now. A cast of industry and public sector professionals reveal the deeply rooted challenges following a decade of the UK Government’s ‘Cloud-First’ Policy.


Following Consciously Hybrid, HPE have decided it’s time to address the challenges of digital transformation in the public sector. HPE believe so passionately in creating sustainable transformation, that they have set forth a new agenda to help publicly funded organisations deliver conscious digital transformation.

Irrespective of digital maturity, legacy debt or available skills. HPE is pledging a commitment to provide honest, transparent advice and only the most appropriate technology solutions.

Download our manifesto to find out more about our nine ‘conscious commitments’ and join our movement, for the good.

For The Good. The UK Public Sector Manifesto (