Computing Data Centre Summit | Cloud industry forum

Computing Data Centre Summit

  • Date: 24 September, 2013
  • Location: Hilton Tower Bridge, London

The role of the data centre, and IT leaders responsible for it, is going through a period of unprecedented change. The focus now is on achieving a new level of data centre efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness. This may mean choosing the right upgrades for your on-premise data centre or adopting a modular data centre design. Or perhaps it is time to drastically transform your data storage and management operations by moving to the cloud? It is predicted that by 2016 as much as 64% of all data centre traffic will be processed in the cloud rather than on-premise. Will this rush toward a model where servers, storage, applications and operational management issues are taken care of by third-party organisations leave on premise in the dust?

CIF will be participating in Computing Data Centre Summit panel discussions on the proliferation and impact of "As a Service" offerings on the industry and insights into the data centre of the future. You can view the agenda at:

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CIF will be moderating the following panel sessions in the afternoon:

Panel: The proliferation and impact of "As a Service" offerings" on the industry 15.00-15.45

  • Is outsourcing a silver bullet that will slash costs and boost productivity?
  • With so many companies offering "as a service" solutions, how to choose the one that is right for your business?
  • Service level agreements - What issues do you need to consider before signing contract? Learn about the rules you have to follow to protect yourself

Speakers: Richard Giles, Head of IT Solutions Delivery, Ladbrokes; Steve Howes, Managing Director, Rail Settlement Plan, ATOC; Jagdeep Bhambra, Head of Software Development, Financial Times; Alex Hamilton, Principal, Radiant Law

Panel: Insights into the data centre of the future - is the cloud the limit? 16.05-16.50

  • What operational and performance improvements will datacentres of the future offer?
  • How will your IT needs change over time?
  • What changes do you need to make now to enjoy the future opportunities?

Speakers: Michael O'Toole, MD, Head of European Enterprise Architecture, Morgan Stanley; Ed Watson, Head of IT Delivery, BBC; Steve Watt, Chief Information Officer, University of St Andrews; John Noakes, Director, Product Marketing & Partners, Attenda Limited