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Cloud: Software Value Management and the Cloud

When a CIO reflects upon the concerns of moving to SaaS or the Cloud many of them are the same concerns they face with software compliance. Essentially a CIO needs to feel confident there are mechanisms in place to maintain control over business critical assets that are secure and can be governed to reduce risk of any kind of exposure, particularly financial exposure. Whether it’s SaaS, PasS or IaaS, the CIO needs to evaluate the risk versus the benefit of handing over (if relevant) control to a third party. As illustrated by the evolution of the software compliance once a large company loses control through poor governance they are weakened in terms of their negotiation, financial exposure and business agility. When considering a Cloud strategy the concerns can be extrapolated out to include, traceability, asset availability and disaster recovery. However, it should also be noted that IaaS and PaaS service models may not involve handing over responsibility for licensing to a service provider other than at an operating system level,

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