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Cloud Resources

The internet is awash with comment, articles, whitepapers and research on cloud market trends, cloud technologies, cloud services and cloud strategies.

Be wary, not all on-line content is what it seems

However, the vast majority of this ‘advice’ is often directly or indirectly promoting a particular service or technology and, while this kind of material has its place, the bias can be frustrating when you are looking for a balanced and objective point of view.

We’ve done the filtering for you

The Cloud Industry Forum is an independent industry body, that commission’s in-depth and independent market research for our members on a regular basis. We also create and collate a vast library of cloud resources that are as unbiased as possible (the odd one slips through!). These resources can all be found in the CIF Knowledge Hub.

Extensive CIF resources library

We are constantly adding to the Knowledge Hub with cloud content sourced from our own analysts, affiliates and our own members. This material is categorised in-line with the CIF Cloud adoption Roadmap to help support those who are accessing the e-learning courses or studying for the CIF cloud accreditations.

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