Cloud Industry Forum Event | Cloud industry forum

Cloud Industry Forum Event

  • Time: 9.00 to 12.00
  • Date: 14th June 2011
  • Location: London, SW1

Recent research published by the Cloud Industry Forum shows that the UK market is growing quickly in its appetite for cloud or hosted IT services, be they IaaS or SaaS.  End User organisations are initially investing because of the agility and flexibility provided through the new IT supply model of cloud computing, and they are so pleased with the results they are expanding their investment because of the financial benefits it delivers.

However, what is equally clear is that Cloud is as much about the commercial way in which IT is provided as it is about the technical delivery.  With that in mind organisations that offer cloud based services need to consider how they may need to update their contracts, operational procedures and capabilities to deliver a solution that demonstrates transparency, fairness and accountability to end users on all aspects of doing business online, be that commercial terms, liability, data protection, operational provisioning, SLA management, security reporting or post contract data management.

If you are already involved, or plan to be,  in the supply of cloud or online services then this Seminar is essential as it will give you an insight into typical issues arising for Cloud Service Providers, the unique challenges facing cloud service provision, best practices for contracting and guidance on your risk assessments.

Places are limited, so to register your interest in attending this free Seminar hosted by the Cloud Industry Forum, please contact