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Cloud computing: transforming your business for the age of digital

By now, it should be obvious to any business that if you aren’t offering a high-quality digital service, you’re nowhere. In the last couple of years, the race to digitisation has been the driving force for many investments, not just in the contact centre industry, but across all sectors.

But the challenge for many firms is that ripping up and replacing longstanding legacy systems can be a hugely costly and complicated process. What’s more, it’s difficult to predict exactly what solutions will be needed for the years to come. Given the fast pace of change in recent years, it’s not unreasonable to assume that this trend will continue. Therefore, whatever solutions enterprises opt for, they need to be flexible enough to adapt.

It’s for this reason that cloud computing is at the centre of many firms’ digital transformation strategies. This technology offers a high degree of scalability, as well as promising significant operational cost-savings compared with on-premises alternatives.

Don’t be left behind

If you’re unconvinced that the cloud is the answer, you’re in the minority. Research conducted by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), showcased in our recent infographic reveals that three-quarters of businesses (75 per cent) expect their adoption of cloud IT services to increase over the next 12 months. What’s more, in 2015, some 84 per cent of companies used at least one cloud service, up from just 53 per cent in 2011.

Those companies that are still resistant to change are an increasingly small minority, and are only set to fall further behind as their more forward-thinking competitors get to grips with what the cloud can offer.

Our infographic shows that 38 per cent of companies expect the migration from on-premise to the cloud to take between one and two years, with 19 per cent projecting it will take longer than this. Only 18 per cent are optimistic that the process will take less than six months, so those that are slow to start have a lot of catching up to do.

The key benefits of the cloud

But what is it that makes cloud computing so attractive to so many businesses? Our infographic highlights some of the key reasons that companies have turned to the technology, and one key theme is the ease of use that it provides.

Nearly seven out of ten businesses rated scalability as among their reasons for choosing a cloud service, with eight per cent naming it as the number one factor. Meanwhile, the flexibility of delivery the cloud provides and its ability to dependably deliver a 24/7 service were also top drivers, with each named by 62 per cent of survey respondents. The promise of lower operating costs was also a major incentive.

When it comes to results, it’s also clear that there are a wide range of benefits that businesses can enjoy. For instance, 44 per cent of firms highlighted better flexibility as a clear tangible benefit of the cloud, while reducing capital expenditure (30 per cent), boosting productivity (21 per cent) and even saving energy (nine per cent) were among the many positives.

But beyond the balance sheet, the cloud also delivers many less tangible benefits. For instance, improved customer engagement, (29 per cent), higher levels of customer service (28 per cent) and better employee satisfaction (26 per cent) were all reported by adoptees of the cloud.

These are benefits that are hard to quantify, but there’s no doubt that companies that embrace the cloud can benefit from a more engaged workforce that can interact with customers more effectively – in addition to the great cost savings it can provide. Therefore, if you’re not excited by the cloud, you really should be.

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