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Cloud Adoption Roadmap

BenefitsYour organisation’s cloud adoption journey will be unique. Your particular circumstances, priorities and obligations will shape the path you take and determine how best to plan and adopt new technologies and environments.

However, there are some common stages, or consideration areas, that are featured in almost all cloud adoption projects. As a result the Cloud Industry Forum has created a cloud adoption guide to help highlight these stages and provide advice for those embarking on cloud adoption projects.

Cloud Adoption RoadmapGuidance & Resources

The Cloud Adoption Roadmap has 5 sections and 21 unique stages. It has been created to provide guidance and resources relevant to each stage and ultimately helps distil this complex type of undertaking into a manageable project framework.

Framework for success

In conjunction with our research partners and industry experts, the roadmap was developed to help our members validate their understanding of how their organisational goals can be met through cloud technologies and create a strategy and adoption plan that helps to achieve those objectives.

We have used the Cloud Adoption Roadmap as a basis for the CIF e-learning modules we are developing as part of our membership services.

We have also used the roadmap as the framework for organising our extensive cloud resources library, the CIF Knowledge Hub.

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