Citrix Cloud Services - Pathway to the Cloud - July 12 | Cloud industry forum

Citrix Cloud Services - Pathway to the Cloud - July 12

  • Date: Wednesday 11th July
  • Location: Cisco House, Olympic Park, Stratford, London E20 1EN

Guest Speaker: Andy Burton, Founder, Cloud Industry Forum discusses a 3 year outlook that provides a reality check for cloud adoption today; the drivers, inhibitors and forces impacting change and the trends CIO's are likely to face.

Headline topics:

  • Open your door to the cloud: learn how all applications and services can be delivered to users on any device, anywhere via a universal storefront
  • Extend your datacenter and harness infinite capacity: making the cloud a secure extension of your enterprise network
  • Devise your enterprise journey to the cloud: decide which cloud strategy to adopt : public, private or hybrid - and find out why Citrix believes open is the only way forward
  • Latest products: Exciting announcements and imminent releases including CloudStack for Apache, Citrix CloudBridge 2 and a live demo of Citrix CloudPlatform's first ever release