CIF to unveil Code of Practice | Cloud industry forum

CIF to unveil Code of Practice

Free industry event on 8th September 2010 at Cardinal Place, Microsoft Ltd. 100 Victoria Street London SW1E 5JL

Cloud Industry Forum to unveil Code of Practice

An event designed to provide practical shape and direction to the advances in cloud computing has been organised by the Cloud Industry Forum.

Taking place on the morning of 8th September 2010, the event will also be used as a vehicle to unveil the new Code of Practice developed by the Cloud Industry Forum following an extensive consultation process over the past few months.

Andy Burton, chairman of the Cloud Industry Forum, stated: "The objective of the Code of Practice is to enable participating organisations to promote online confidence and trust in their brand to the end user community through the adoption of a set of certifiable criteria that allows the end user a transparent view of the Cloud Service Providers' business and the type of services and service levels they can expect from them."

"With some experts in the market now predicting CAGR 20-35% a lot of new entrants are being attracted to the market and there is no doubt that this will force changes to the traditional competitive landscape. That said technology alone has never changed the world, it is commercial applications and trusted business models that make the difference between novelty and real market success."

The event is aimed at business and technology decision makers, professionals from Cloud Service Providers, online resellers, end user organisations using or considering using Cloud based services and those organisations thinking of offering Cloud services within their product suite.

Speakers at the event include:

  • Andy BurtonChairman, Cloud Industry Forum
  • Ian OsborneIntellect
  • Shaun FrohlichMicrosoft