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CIF Membership

What is the Cloud Industry Forum?

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) is an industry body that champions and advocates the adoption and use of online (cloud based) services by businesses and individuals.

Under the direction of our members CIF creates a platform to discuss, engage and partner within the cloud supplier community to ensure thought leadership and market direction and understand customer challenges.  We do this through regular members meetings, media and customer events, whitepapers and market research.


We use our resources to provide a variety of valuable and diverse services for our members. These services are designed to help educate, inform, guide, validate and support each member group in achieving their organisational and individual goals. 


We represent a broad collection of cloud vendors, distributors, cloud service providers and any organisation with an interest in selling or migrating cloud services and consultancy.   Our goal is to support their needs as cloud advocates, but to ensure a balanced and vendor agnostic position on the use of cloud services.