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CIF Legal Update Issue 4 2017

Every month as a trusted contact I bring you my slant on the latest Legislation, Case Law and Consultations. In this edition, these are:

  • Guarding against ransomware
  • The Digital Economy Act 2017
  • The Intellectual Property (Unjustified Threats) Bill receives Royal Assent
  • Political Party Manifestos
  • The Filmspeler case
  • The European Commission mid-term review on the implementation of the Digital Single Market Strategy

Please see my monthly book recommendation – Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future by Peter Thiel. Thiel is an American businessman, PayPal cofounder and Facebook’s first professional investor, meaning that he now has a net worth of over $2 billion.


Julian Heathcote Hobbins General Counsel
Deputy Chairman, CILF

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