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CIF Industry Members meeting

Our regular quarterly members meeting. 

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Speakers and themes include:

  • Guest Speaker Frank Jennings on the very poignant subject of Brexit -  Given recent developments we’ve asked the Cloud Lawyer back for his latest brief.  Is it business as usual for IT/cloud providers or is it “Orwell Mayhem” and what can you do to prepare?
  • Business Update from Breda Beyer - A summary of all planned activities across webinars, events, SIGs etc  
  •  Rachel McElroy - Top 10 things you need to know about Cloud Leadership. Key findings from the launch of “Cloud Leadership – the Definitive Guide”   
  • CIF Research plans 2020  from Alex Hilton, - Following the discussion at last meeting, update on topics and timing for 2020 research project.
  • CISPE Study “Buying Cloud Services in the Public Sector.” from Richard Sykes who took an active role in the development of this study will share insights from this Europe-wide report. Our chairman asks “would a relationship with CISPE be of value for CIF to keep close to developments in Brussels post Brexit in the longer term?”     
  •  CIF Legal SIG update from Conor Ward  - Prof Conor Ward will provide his perspective on legal issues impacting the tech sector and what businesses need to be planning for going forward      

 Drinks & Refreshments will be included.