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CIF Industry Members meeting

  • Date: Wednesday, 5th June 2019
  • Time: 11am - 1pm
  • Location: London


Our regular quarterly members meeting. Agenda to be confirmed, will include:

David Terrar, Deputy Chair CIF 

Making sense of Blockchain (moving beyond the cryptohype)

This session will explain what Blockchain is and isn’t, why it is so transformational and why it's relevant for any business model.  We will consider whether distributed trust systems might challenge centralised authorities.  We will talk DLT, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, ICOs and how to avoid the hype.  We will get down to business and look at real world case studies, not just pilots and proof of concept.  We will explore what implementations and frameworks exist and should be considered.  We’ll suggest how you can get hands on the technology.  Lastly we will look at what the future looks like, and if you should fit blockchain into your strategic plan.  

Plus update on member activities – panel sessions and contributors for and BrightTALK channels, Special Interest Groups, Research, UKCA2019.

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