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CIF’s Professional Membership scheme awarded CPD accreditation

Industry body’s Professional Membership programme endorsed by the Continuing Professional Development Certification Service as the cloud skills shortage deepens

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), the industry body whose aim is to raise standards and improve transparency in the cloud sector, has today announced that its Professional Membership eLearning scheme has been formally accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service. The accreditation means that CIF Professional Members can now use CIF’s online cloud training courses as part of their annual CPD structured development commitment.

Developed in response to the growing cloud skills shortage, CIF’s Professional Membership eLearning and certification schemes enable IT, procurement and business professionals to access a huge pool of cloud research, guides and courses and helps them validate their knowledge though training and certification. The online course material, developed with the help of leading CIOs and industry experts, covers a range of subjects based on 21 unique stages of cloud adoption, enabling certified professionals to demonstrate that they can positively support or shape cloud-based projects.

The CPD Certification Service, which supports the Continuing Professional Development policies of institutional and professional organisations, has accredited CIF’s Foundation and Advanced certification schemes in recognition of CIF’s holistic commitment to the enhancement of personal skills and expertise in the cloud industry.

Commenting on the significance of the development for CIF and its Professional Members, Alex Hilton, CEO of the Cloud Industry Forum, said: “There is clearly a growing need for appropriately-skilled cloud professionals and for cloud training schemes such as those operated by CIF. Indeed, recent research from Microsoft found that 38% of those involved in recruitment found it difficult to find staff with the correct cloud skills and that 60% of these were actively looking to retrain their staff to plug their cloud skills gaps. Similarly, our own research indicates that demand for professionals with a deep understanding of cloud is at an all-time high. That is precisely why we developed our online training and certification schemes and we are delighted that our efforts have been formally recognised by the CPD.

“The scheme has been very well received and the take up has been positive. Achieving third-party accreditation from the CPD Certification Service is testament to the programme and provides our members with independent recognition for the work they are doing and the skills they are gaining. Organisations are crying out for the skills and knowledge needed in this complex and yet highly sought after field and the CIF Professional Membership Scheme now provides members with a vendor neutral, accredited qualification that will help them stand out in the market,” Alex concluded.

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