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Challenge Curve

ChallengeCurve helps organisations embrace IT innovation and transformation with confidence and courage by designing and implementing customised software quality assurance and testing strategies. We enable organisations to understand the importance of quality; how to measure it and how to harness it for sustainable growth.

ChallengeCurve has created the CurveQA framework that guides and supports programme teams to apply the right verification and validation throughout the full development lifecycle maximising targeted business benefits whilst balancing risk.

We are passionate about helping people create the software they need to be successful. We offer a full range of QA and testing specialist services across the lifecycle. Our top three service lines include services include:

  • QA & Testing Health Check
  • Agile Transition
  • Digital & Cloud Adoption

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you deliver more business value?
Please email; Have a question? Call us now on +44 7943 809 332 or +44 7943 809 333